Supervisors Re-Organization Meeting Agenda January 3, 2022

Call meeting to order
Pledge of Allegiance
Roll Call
Nominations opened.
Nomination for Chairman.
Nomination for Vice-Chairman.
Nomination for Road-master.
Close Nominations
Discuss and set wages
Adopt Resolution fixing the tax rate for 2022
Appoint Secretary/Treasurer
Appoint Open Records Officer
Appoint solicitor for Township and Planning Commission
Appoint solicitor for Zoning Hearing Board
Appoint Township Zoning Officer and Building Code Officer
Appoint Sewage Enforcement Officer and Alternate
Appoint Engineer for Township
Set mileage rate at IRS Standard Mileage Rate of $.585 for 2022.
Appoint Planning Commission Member
Appoint Planning Commission Alternate
Appoint Zoning Hearing Board Member
Appoint Zoning Hearing Board Alternate
Adjourn re-organization meeting