Packer Township Board of Supervisors

Robert Selert-Chairman

Susie Gerhard-Vice Chairman

Terry Davis-Roadmaster

Stephanie Stolpe-Secretary/Treasurer and Open Record Officer

Atty. Robert Yurchak-Solicitor

Refer to the Quarterly Township Newsletter for contact information or call the Township office at 570-427-8969.

Tax Collector-Valerie Kane

William Brior and Robert Fugate-Sewage Enforcement Officers

Carbon Engineering-Township Engineer

Barry Isett & Associates-Building Code Officer, Zoning Officer, Code Enforcement

Susie Gerhard-Emergency Management Coordinator

Planning Commission

Robert Selert-Chairman

Brad Bittner-Vice Chairman

Coleen Gerhard-Member

Susie Gerhard-Alternate

Stephanie Stolpe-Secretary

Atty. Robert Yurchak-Solicitor

Zoning Hearing Board

Barbara Genetti-Chairman

Tony Caso-Vice Chairman

Neil Craig-Member

Cathy Colangelo-Alternate

Stephanie Stolpe-Secretary

Atty. Gregory Mousseau-Solicitor

Packer Township Municipal Building

2234 Hudson Drive, Weatherly, PA 18255