Public Notice

Notice is hereby given that on September 28, 2020 at 6:45 p.m., the Packer Township Board of Supervisors will conduct a public hearing in the Township Building, 2234 Hudson Drive, Weatherly, Pennsylvania.

The purpose of the public hearing is to discuss, inform and receive public comments on
proposed Zoning Ordinance for Packer Township. The Township will be adopting an amended and revised Zoning Ordinance for Packer Township.

Notice is further given that the Packer Township Board of Supervisors, Carbon County, Pennsylvania, will conduct a special meeting for the sole purpose of acting upon the revised Zoning Ordinance on September 28, 2020 at 7:00 p.m. in the Township Building, 2234 Hudson Drive, Weatherly, Pennsylvania.

The purpose of the Special Meeting is to discuss, inform and receive public comments on proposed Zoning Ordinance for Packer Township. The Township will be adopting an amended and revised Zoning Ordinance for Packer Township.

The proposed revised Zoning Ordinance includes the following:

Section 101 Title
Section 102 Purpose
Section 103 Community Development Objectives
Section 104 Interpretation
Section 105 Compliance with Ordinance Required
Section 106 Severability
Section 107 Repealer
Section 108 Effective Date

Section 201 Application and Interpretation
Section 202 Definitions

Section 301 Attached Accessory Structures
Section 302 Unattached accessory structures
Section 303 Corner Lot Restriction
Section 304 Types of Residential Accessory Structures
Section 305 Noncommercial Satellite Dish Antenna
Section 306 Private Noncommercial Swimming Pools
Section 307 Lots Divided by Zoning Boundaries
Section 308 Projections into Required Yards
Section 309 Exception to Height Limitations
Section 310 Required Access
Section 311 Land Development Approval for Certain Uses
Section 312 Visibility at Intersections and Private Driveways
Section 313 Fences and Walls
Section 314 Public Utilities
Section 315 Sewage Disposal
Section 316 Highway Occupancy Permit
Section 317 Soil Erosion and Sedimentation Control
Section 318 Placement of Mobile Homes
Section 319 Conflicting Regulations
Section 320 Flag Lots

Section 401 Official Zoning Map
Section 402 Changes to Official Zoning Map
Section 403 Interpretation of Boundaries
Section 404 Classes of Zoning Districts

Section 501 A-1 Agricultural District
Section 502 R-1 Single Family Residential District
Section 503 B-1 Business District
Section 504 C-1 Conservation District
Section 505 I-1 Light Industrial District

Section 601 Purpose
Section 602 General Provisions
Section 603 Site Plan
Section 604 Impact Analysis
Section 605 General Standards and Criteria

Section 701 Purpose
Section 702 General Provisions
Section 703 Procedure for Submission and Decision
Section 704 General Standards
Section 705 Classified Conditional Uses
Section 706 Environmental Impact Statement
Section 707 Other Government Approvals
Section 708 Impact of Proposed Use/Development
Section 709 Adverse Impacts/Mitigation Measures
Section 710 Adult Uses
Section 711 Mobile Home Parks
Section 712 Junkyards and Automobile Wrecking Yards
Section 713 Sewage Treatment Facilities
Section 714 Methadone Treatment Facility
Section 715 Wireless Commercial Communication Site
Section 716 Excavation and Extraction of Minerals
Section 717 Solid Waste Facility
Section 718 Medical Marijuana Dispensary
Section 719 Medical Marijuana Grower/Processor
Section 720 Short Term Residential Rental Units
Section 721 Shopping Centers

Section 801 Purpose and Intent
Section 802 Use Regulations
Section 802.01 Access Drives
Section 802.02 Accessory Dwelling Units
Section 802.03 Adult Uses
Section 802.04 Agricultural Uses
Section 802.05 Agritainment
Section 802.06 Animal Hospitals
Section 802.07 Animal Kennels
Section 802.08 Automobile Related Activities
Section 802.09 Bed and Breakfast
Section 802.10 Boarding House
Section 802.11 Bulk Fuel Storage
Section 802.12 Cemeteries
Section 802.13 Contractors’ Storage Yards
Section 802.14 Convenience Store with or without Gasoline Pumps
Section 802.15 Day Care Facilities
Section 802.16 Eating and Drinking Establishments
Section 802.17 Entertainment Facilities
Section 802.18 Group Residence
Section 802.19 Home Occupations
Section 802.20 Industrial Activities
Section 802.21 Medical Marijuana Facility
Section 802.22 Medical Marijuana Dispensary
Section 802.23 Medical Marijuana Grower/Processor
Section 802.24 Medical Marijuana Transport Vehicle Office
Section 802.25 Motels and Hotels
Section 802.26 No-Impact Home Based Business
Section 802.27 NonProfit Social Halls, Clubs, and Lodges
Section 802.28 Stand Alone Wind Mills and Wind Farms
Section 802.29 Nursing Home
Section 802.30 Office Parks
Section 802.31 Outdoor Storage
Section 802.32 Outdoors Recreational Facilities
Section 802.33 Place of Worship
Section 802.34 Public Uses
Section 802.35 Public Utility Buildings and Structures
Section 802.36 Short Term Residential Rental Units
Section 802.37 Solar Power and Solar Farms
Section 803.38 Townhouses and Multifamily Residential Developments
Section 802.39 Trucking Facilities
Section 802.40 Warehouse and Distribution Facilities
Section 802.41 Warehouse(Self Storage)
Section 802.42 Water Extraction
Section 802.43 Yard Sales
Section 802.44 Wineries
Section 802.45 Electric Power Plants
Section 802.46 Solid Waste Facilities and Transfer Stations
Section 803 Separation Requirements and Future Development

Section 901 Intent
Section 902 Nonconforming Lots of Record
Section 903 Continuation of Nonconformity
Section 904 Registration of Nonconforming Uses and Structures
Section 905 Changes of Nonconforming Uses
Section 906 Enlargement of Nonconforming Uses and Structures
Section 907 Restoration of Use
Section 908 Termination of Nonconforming Use and/or Structure
Section 909 Certificate of Intention for a Nonconforming Use

Section 1001 Signs
Section 1002 Construction Types
Section 1003 Permitted Signs by Zoning District
Section 1004 Area, Height, and Setback Requirements
Section 1005 Number of Signs
Section 1006 Setback for Freestanding Signs
Section 1007 Signs related to Nonconforming Uses
Section 1008 Area Computation of signs
Section 1009 Vertical Clearance
Section 1010 Prohibited Signs
Section 1011 Permits Required
Section 1012 General Regulations for Signs

Section 1101 Purpose
Section 1102 Size of Off-Street Parking Spaces
Section 1103 Size of Off-Street Loading Spaces
Section 1104 Access to Off-Street Parking or Loading Areas
Section 1105 Location of Off-Street Parking Areas
Section 1106 Drainage and Surfacing of Off-Street Parking Areas
Section 1107 Interior Circulation
Section 1108 Screening
Section 1109 Lighting
Section 1110 Parking in Yard Areas
Section 1111 Existing Structures and Uses
Section 1112 Changes of Structures or Uses
Section 1113 Fractional Space
Section 1114 Multiple Activities or Uses
Section 1115 Off-Street Parking Requirements
Section 1116 Parking for other Commercial Uses
Section 1117 Off-Street Loading Requirements
Section 1118 Provision of Handicapped Parking Spaces
Section 1119 Design Features for Handicapped Parking Spaces
Section 1120 Signage for Handicapped Parking Spaces
Section 1121 Minimum Number of Handicapped Accessible Spaces

Section 1201 Intent
Section 1202 Special Definitions
Section 1203 Abrogation and Greater Restrictions
Section 1204 Severability
Section 1205 Warning and Disclaimer of Liability
Section 1206 Overlay of Flood Plain Districts
Section 1207 Identification of 100 Year Flood Plain Districts
Section 1208 Changes to Delineated Boundaries
Section 1209 Initial Determination of Boundaries
Section 1210 Alteration to Water Courses
Section 1211 Floodway Restrictions
Section 1212 Special Requirements for the Special Flood Plain Area and General Flood plain Area
Section 1213 Structural Anchoring and Flood Proofing Requirements
Section 1214 Issuance of Building Permit
Section 1215 Flood Proofing
Section 1216 Utilities
Section 1217 Certification of Flood Proofing
Section 1218 Fully Enclosed Areas Below the Lowest Floor
Section 1219 Prohibited Uses
Section 1220 Regulations for Hazardous Materials
Section 1221 Improvements
Section 1222 Variances
Section 1223 Modification of Freeboard Requirement Administrative Procedures

Section 1301 Zoning Officer
Section 1302 Zoning Permit
Section 1303 Certificate of Zoning Compliance
Section 1304 Enforcement Procedures
Section 1305 Schedule of Fees, Charges and Expenses

Section 1401 Amendment Procedure
Section 1402 Applications for Amendments to the Text or Map
Section 1403 Curative Amendments
Section 1404 Enactment of Amendments
Section 1405 Notification to County

Section 1501 Membership of Board
Section 1502 Alternates to Zoning Hearing Board
Section 1503 Removal of Members
Section 1504 Organization of Board
Section 1505 Expenditures for Services
Section 1506 Hearings
Section 1507 Mediation Option
Section 1508 Jurisdiction of Zoning Hearing Board
Section 1509 Variances
Section 1510 Special Exceptions
Section 1511 Parties Appellant before the Board
Section 1512 Time Limitations
Section 1513 Stay of Proceedings

Section 1601 Purpose
Section 1602 Regulatory Authority
Section 1603 Use Regulations
Section 1604 Density Regulations
Section 1605 Dimensional Regulations
Section 1606 Development Regulations
Section 1607 Location/Management of Common Open Space
Section 1608 Phasing of Development
Section 1608 Enforcement and Modification of Provisions of the Plan
Section 1610 Application for Tentative Approval
Section 1611 Public Hearings
Section 1612 Findings
Section 1613 Status of Plan After Tentative Approval
Section 1614 Application fo Final Approval
Section 1615 Jurisdiction and Legal Remedies

Section 1701 Appeals to Court

Complete copies of the proposed Ordinance are available for public inspection without
charge or a copy obtained for a charge not greater than the costs thereof at the Township Office located at 2234 Hudson Drive, Weatherly, Pennsylvania, the Carbon County Law Library, Carbon County Courthouse, Jim Thorpe, Pennsylvania and The Journal Herald, 211 Main Street, White Haven, Pennsylvania.

Robert T. Yurchak, Esquire
1 East Catawissa Street
P.O. Box 127
Nesquehoning, PA. 18240