Supervisors Regular Monthly Meeting Agenda

Agenda                                                                                   July 3, 2023

Call meeting to order

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call

Open the meeting to the floor –

Approval of minutes –

Ordinances and Resolutions –

Barry Isett & Asscociates – Planning & Zoning and Code Enforcement –

William Brior – Sewage Enforcement –

Old Business –

-Motion to approve bidding on a roller and hot boxes

-Appeal to the Board of Assessment Appeals as to Hazleton City Authority tax exempt status

-Status of property owner’s authorization to use adjacent property temporarily for bridge replacement on Ochre Mill Road.

-Microwave purchase

-Discuss upgrading security system

New Business – Motion to join Weatherly Borough for recycling event on September 28th at a cost of $185

Review Correspondence

Treasurer’s Report  

Sign and approve checks drafted

Adjourn the meeting